Do justice to this unique witness of the 20th century and make sure that his testimony gets the attention it deserves, and that all people, scholars and laymen alike, be touched by his message.

Purpose of the organization

I met Jacques Rossi in 1985 when I was a student at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. He was completing at the time the Russian version, Spravochnik po Goulagu, of The Gulag Handbook and working on the English translation, living hand to mouth. Upon returning to France in 1986, it became clear to those of us who wished to support his endeavor to put in place a formal structure in France that would enable him to pursue his work under decent conditions. We founded the Association des Amis de Jacques Rossi (Association of the Friends of Jacques Rossi), whose purposes were:

  • to promote and make Jacques Rossi’s works and actions known to the public ;
  • to join any organization whose objectives were similar to those of AAJR’s (ie organize lectures, symposiums, gatherings with guest Jacques Rossi) ;
  • to reflect on totalitarian regimes.

Our major priorities were to find a publisher, and provide Jacques Rossi with decent intellectual and material living conditions. We helped him settle in Paris, first in the 19th arrondissement rue Edgar Poe, then at Montreuil, thanks to Lise Weill and her friends from Amnesty International, where he remained until he had his second stroke in March 2001.

With the help of CNL (Centre National du Livre – French organization that supports Writers), Société des Gens de Lettres, and MSF (Doctors without Borders), along with the support of many fans and friends (reporters Nicolas Poincaré, Jean Hatzfeld, Natalie Nougayrède, and Sylvain Tesson) and families Gairret, Weill and Postel-Vinay, AAJR was able to take care of all expenses incurred at the retirement home where he stayed until he passed away.

Our activities are somewhat in abeyance and our bureau would welcome any new ideas. You may contact us by email contact or post at the address below.

We hope this site will help perpetuate Jacques Rossi’s memory and enable many to discover this unique personality whose personal story and testimony is so much part of the 20th century.

Marie Cécile Antonelli

Jacques Rossi’s archives were put on file in March 2003 with Pierre Rigoulot at :
l’Institut d’Histoire Sociale Boris Souvarine,
4 avenue Benoît Frachon
92023 Nanterre Cedex

c/o MC Antonelli
249 rue de Bercy
75012 Paris