“You will not find in the official speeches of Soviet leaders the answer to the question of what they in fact think about human rights. You will find this answer in the daily realities of the Gulag, which has become an immutable shadow over Soviet reality.”

“(…) If I attempt in the Handbook, using the Gulag as my example, to reveal the real face of totalitarianism, then it is only because it is the very one I came to know personally and from which, to my utmost surprise, I emerged alive.”

The GULAG: Laboratory of Soviet Political Behavior (“Freedom from ethics makes politics easier”)

“(…) For 70 years, scores of millions of Soviet citizens have become embroiled in the GULAG and shaped by its philosophy of fear and hunger. For 70 years, the Gulag has served the party leadership as a gigantic laboratory to study and test socio-political methods the empire can apply to the entire population (and to shape Soviet international policy as well), with the only ethic being that taught by Lenin: “Everything serving our purpose is ethical.”